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Art works stand for themselves and are self evident, not merely as a text or an interpretion of ideas or the world.


It takes two to make that possible,the artist and the observer.

The meaning and wonder of art is born in the meeting of two different processes- creation and percieving. It goes far beyond words, analysing and intelectual conceptualization. It's an open and dynamic encounter of seduction and tension, imagination and reality, the original versus replica or the "recycled", clarity vs. blurring, the familiar vs. the disruptive or misleading.

My paintings gather their meaning through such encounters.


Photography offers me variety of evidences about reality and ways to capture it. "second-hand" images, frozen or distorted movement, close-up, montage, disrupting of hierarchy and connections among images suggest new relationships and different perceptions of space, it's unity and borders.


My works are sort of story non-story. They insinuate possible narratives, something that have happened or about to happen, but they don't determine what it is.

Observing my works in an open invitation for a dialoge. An oppertunity to ponder about what is beautiful or ugly, about passion, violence, gentelness, longing, memory, anxiety, humor, manipulation...




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